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Broadhead Concepts Water Conditioners have successfully been used in hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide in residential commercial and industrial marketplace since 1964. 
BroadHead H2O Conditioners have successfully been used in hundreds of thousands of applications worldwide in residential, commercial and industrial marketplaces since 1964. 

Controls Corrosion

BroadHead H2O Conditioners control erosion by passing water through the proprietary multi-field magnetic technology, the minerals are altered to a state where they cannot form scale. Instead, the minerals form a light aragonite talc on the inside of pipes and the wetted surfaces of equipment which prevents free oxygen in the water (one of the most common causes of corrosion) from attacking the metal surfaces.

Softens and Loosens Existing Scale

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, just 1/16 inch of scale on a heat transfer surface requires 15% more energy and 1/2 inch of scale demands 70% more energy. BroadHead H2O Conditioners work to soften and loosen existing scale so your water-using equipment is more efficient. 

Prevents Scale Formation

Maintaining scale-free surfaces assures optimum heat transfer coefficients, enabling maximum benefits from your equipment and reduced energy required.

Minmize Mantenance

Using BroadHead H20 Conditioners on any water-using equipment will prevent excessive clogging of minerals, thus reducing the need for regular maintenance. 

Chemical Free and Enironmental Friendly

BoradHead H2O Conditioners consume no energy or chemicals and have no negative environmental impact in operation, they require no hazardous material reporting.

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