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Landscaping, Irrigation, Boat & RV Application

BroadHead H2O Conditioners reduce the surface tension of water molecules.  In turn, this provides an advantage for landscape and irrigation systems.  Reduction in surface tension allows the ground to absorb the treated water molecules in a more efficient and timely manner.  Treated water molecules also become more soluble. This increased solubility allows the treated water to mix more effectively with the fertilizer and minerals in the soil. 

Increased solubility and decreased surface tension allows the treated water to penetrate faster and deeper into the roots system of grass, plants and vegetation.  Water treated with BroadHead H2O Conditioners produce higher yields, healthier root systems, and up to a 30% reduction in water usage.  Additionally, they reduce fertilizer usage by as much as 50%.  These benefits help to eliminate the need for wetting agents with no loss in irrigation effectiveness. 



BroadHead H2O Conditioners are also ideal for boats and recreational vehicles.  Apply directly to your boat and/or recreational vehicle's water source to improve water pressure and help protect your plumbing system from lime/scale build-up and corrosion.  Furthermore, BroadHead Water Conditioners make cleaning the exterior of boats and recreational vehicles quicker and easier by reducing water spotting and hard water stains.

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